We are part of an International Campaign to End Government Subsidies for Animal Agriculture.

Campaigns to end subsidies for Animal Agriculture:

Party for the Animals (The Netherlands)

“As the Dutch Party for the Animals, we are also fighting to end subsidies for the polluting livestock industry. Our MEP Anja Hazekamp has been working on the issue within the European Parliament.”

Djurens parti (Sweden)

The party has signed up to a manifesto, along with a number of other animal advocacy parties, which commits to the phasing out of “farming practices which are harmful to animals, and to re-directing EU subsidies away from the intensive livestock industry into sustainable, plant-based and organic agriculture.”

Nation Rising (Canada)

This is a Canadian organisation campaigning and lobbying politicians to end animal agriculture subsidies.

They have chapters in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Alberta (and now in New York).

The Vegan Justice League (USA)

This is a lobbying group based in the US.  Via donations, they hire lobbyists to campaign on their behalf.

Agriculture Fairness Alliance (USA)

The AFA lobbies to end unfair subsidies to animal agribusinesses and to create a sustainable and equitable food system.

Campaigns to end Animal Agriculture and Fishing:

Animal Rebellion Ireland

Animal Rebellion is an off-shoot of Extinction Rebellion, campaigning for an end to the agriculture and fishing industries. They have chapters in many countries including the UK.

The Vegan Society (UK)

The Vegan Society UK provides support and advice on going vegan.  They support and encourage farmers who wish to transition to plant-based agriculture.  Their ‘Grow Green‘ reports look at the potential for plant proteins and other crops to be grown in the UK.  You can view the proceedings of their 2019 Grow Green Conference here.

V-Partei (Germany)

“As part of our Agricultural Agenda, we are doing everything in our power to have changed food production by 2030 in such a way that animal slaughter will no longer be necessary for food production and that this will be appreciated by the majority of consumers.”

Veganerpartiet (Denmark)

“Our first ideology is veganism , understood in the sense that decisions must not be taken that directly or indirectly harm others if it can be avoided in any way. Profit must never outweigh ethics and compassion. It is obvious to the Vegan Party that it should apply to both humans and animals.”

EOP Finland

The Animal Justice Party of Finland, EOP, is a political organization, whose aim is to make Finland a society that accepts the rights of all animals. They seek: Justice, freedom from speciesism and an end to the use of animals in the machinery of production.

DierAnimal (Belgium)

DierAnimal wishes to lay down animal rights in the Belgium constitution and to put a stop to intensive livestock farming and animal experiments.

Animal Justice Party (Australia)

“The AJP understands that widespread dietary change will be a lengthy process and that animal production methods must be improved urgently as an interim measure; so we will prioritise the phase out of factory farming. As the uptake of plant based diets increases, we will work towards laws that abolish breeding and rearing for slaughter or other exploitation.”